Greenwala Reviews Eco Lips!

Authored By Eco Lips
Face Stick, Eco Tints, and More Reviewed at!!!

Eco Lips, sent Greenwala, a sampling of their lip and sunscreen products for us to review. We began with the Face Stick, which has an SPF of 30. When applied the sunscreen goes on easily but with a slightly greasy feel to it. Don’t be alarmed though because it actually smoothes out quickly and leaves your face feeling moisturized as well. The idea of a stick is relatively new to the sunscreen market, having only been around for a handful of years. The design of the stick is useful and they added this very convenient loop cap with a carabineer attached which makes it easy to take on a purse, stroller, backpack, brief case, pool bag etc. This loop cap and carabineer can be popped off of an old face stick and reused on another one. In a smaller package with the same cap design is the coconut lip balm. It reminds me of sipping a yummy pina colada on a beautiful tropical beach. But back to reality, the lip balm is organic and made using ingredients that I recognize such as Sunflower seed oil, beeswax, coconut flavor etc. In case you are not a fruity drink person the lip balms do come in several other varieties. Do be aware that depending on which you pick up they can range in the percentage of organic ingredients. They have a sports lip balm with an spf of 30, a vegan lip balm and many others to choose from....

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