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Go Yay! Blogger Reviews and Gives Away Eco Lips!

"I am a huge fan of lip balm. I feel incomplete if I don’t have anything on my lips. I love to have my lips feeling soft and moisturized.

I discovered Eco Lips which offers lip balm made with nutrient rich organic ingredients. It’s lip balm that is good for people as well as the planet!

When I found out I was getting to review some products from Eco Lips, I was very excited. When the products arrived and I saw the wonderful lip balms, I didn’t know which one to try first. My son often swipes my lip balm. It all started one winter when he was suffering from chapped lips and I gave him one of my tubes of lip balm to carry with him and apply to avoid more chapped lips. He discovered how wonderful his lips can feel when using lip balm and has established the same love for lip balm that I have. I decided to give my son two of the Eco Lips lip balms I received. The first one is Eco Lips Pure & Simple Kiwi-Strawberry.

This lip balm is 100% edible, which is one reason I decided to give it to my son. My son loved the fruity scent and flavor and how smooth it was. It contains certified organic ingredients; sunflower oil, beeswax, kiwi and strawberry flavor; and also includes vitamin E. Due to its purity, it’s a great lip balm for kids..."

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