Gluten Free for Jen:  Eco Lips review and giveaway

Gluten Free for Jen: Eco Lips review and giveaway

Authored By Eco Lips
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

During the winter my whole family have a hard time with our lips always drying in cracking. See here where we live, our winters are horribly dry! We normally use chap stick, A LOT. But I wanted to find something that I knew I could trust being gluten free, and didn't have a bunch of chemicals in it.

I came across EcoLips on a site one day and became intrigued. It started in the early 90's when Andrea Danielson begin making small batches in her kitchen for family and friends. Then 95 she met, Steve who was in search of a better lip balm, 2 years later they were married and Steve, being the entrepreneur, went out and bought ingredients and packaging for the couples first product, the Hemp Lip Buzz. The company has since grown from there.

This product is made in Cedar Rapids, IA. Being a midwest girl from a neighboring state I loved how "local" this was and couldn't wait to try it! But I must say there was recently a bit of sad, and sudden news for the EcoLips family. Their CEO, Mark Patterson, died last week (Aug 11th) at the young age of 34. He passed from an aortic aneurysm and leaves behind a wife, a son and two daughters. You can learn more about Mark by visiting this tribute page where they have a donation fund going for the wife and kids.

We received 4 different balms to try. I must admit choosing some were difficult to do. They have a wide range of lip balms including Dagoba Chocolate balms which combines the flavor of the Dagoba organic chocolate bars to your lips with every use! They also have some tinted lip balm and ones that are inspired by flavors around the world, like orange spice and lavender lemon.

The ones we received were 2 kid ones- my son picked a flavor called Berry Berry Good Lemonade. It smells like strawberry lemonade, my daughter picked one called Goodness Grapeness- the name says it all! They are very smooth and easy to put on. I did try them and to be honest one quick go around on the lips and they are feeling moist so you really do not need to use it a lot. Normally my kids are asking every 30 minutes for lip stuff but so far, they have hardly asked for any. Granted winter hasn't started yet so that will be the true test! They can lick their lips all they want because there is very little flavor to them! Your kids will not keep asking for more because of the flavor which is one thing I like.

The other two I received was their Gold balm. This is just your basic lip balm. There is no flavor to it at all to this one. A little goes a long way with it as well! The last one was Medicinal Lip Balm. I got this because, well due to the dryness my husband gets a lot of cold sores during the winter, it also helps with my cracking lips! To help heal at first sign of a cold sore they use tea tree oil, calendula, lemon balm and a few other natural ingredients. This one I must say is my favorite. I can not put into words why, it just is. It is very soothing on my lips and I like how I don't feel like I have to use it every 20 minutes.

One thing I like is that you can get this great little clip which is real easy just to pull the balm out and use. Perfect for little kids to put on their backpacks or to hook on your purse so you don't have to go through it trying to find your lip balm.

Over all I love this product and will probably continue to use it. You can find a store near you by clicking here! You can also purchase them online on their store page. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and twitter! Also please, if you are able to, head over to their tribute page.
Would you like to try some of your own? EcoLips is giving one of you your own Gold Lip Balm and Eco Clip! Enter using the form below! This is for US & Canada residents only. Giveaway will end at 11:01 pm CST on 9/1!

~Good Luck~
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