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Do you ever get that white filmy ring going on after you apply chapstick? I usually either get the ring or feel like I just applied candle wax to my lips....both feel ridiculous and make me feel self conscious. Once I was unaware of the white ring and attended a pretty important event-in the end that brand went in the trash! When I heard of Eco Lips natural lip balm I thought how bad could it be-I will either get the ring or a thick layer of wax but guess what after using the balm I had smooth lips with no ring! Eco Lips is a Green American Approved Business and a member of the Organic Trade Associated. The lip balms are available in a wide variety of flavors and all three that I have tried tasted fantastic and made my lips feel very smooth. The balm also spf 15 so it is perfect for the hot sun and wind burn lips in the winter. Eco Lips even offers their Gold Balm on an Eco Clip which would be perfect for back to school-just clip on your purse or backpack and you will never have to search for your lip balm again..if only everything was so easy!
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