Fabulous Finds by November Girl xoxo:  review and giveaway!

Fabulous Finds by November Girl xoxo: review and giveaway!

Authored By Eco Lips
Eco Lips Review & Giveaway (US & CAN)
Aug 21
Ask me what the one thing I can’t live without and I’ll tell you its my lip balm. My lips never go naked and neither should yours. I have lip balm stashed everywhere, it’s in my bedside table, my purse and even in the diaper bag. I’m a lip balm addict and I know plenty of you probably are too. I’m so excited to tell you all about Eco Lips and why their lip balm reigns supreme.

Eco Lips is not only organic but also eco-friendly! When possible Eco Lips buys food grade ingredients. Their motto is cute, Don’t panic, it’s organic. For all my vegan readers Eco Lips has got you covered too. Do you have children who love to use your lip balm?? I know I do! Eco Lips has a great line for kids, its edible! No need to worry if your little one takes a bite

My Thoughts: I’ve been using a few different flavors for the past couple and days and I’ve got to say I’m IN LOVE with this lip balm. My ultimate favorite has got to be the Eco Tints in Rose Quartz, it gives me great coverage and protection and just the perfect amount of color. My lips are so soft and kissable!! Eco Lips has really gotten this right and I am telling everyone.

Buy Now: You can purchase Eco Lips directly from or stick around and enter our giveaway!

The Giveaway: Eco Lips is nice enough to offer one of my readers a chance to win their Gold Balm on an Eco Lip.

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