Energy Review & Giveaway!

Energy Review & Giveaway!

Authored By Eco Lips
Actually it’s this AWESOME new ENERGY lip balm from ECO LIPS. Infused with caffeine, B12 and Green Tea it packs a tingly punch with application and is my new favorite addiction! I love their balm SO much it has quickly replaced my stash of cherry Vaseline. It isn’t waxy or heavy. It IS luxuriously LONG LASTING and moisturizing which truly amazed me. So many claim to be but don’t deliver. ECO LIPS REALLY DOES! I wasn’t reapplying every 30 minutes like I do with all my other lip addictions. It was FABULOUS and I know I won’t ever have to search the shelves again for I have FOUND THE ONE! Soft, moisturizing, light, healing...sigh...its dreamy!

This is one of those products that totally sells itself…if only you’ll try it! Not only is the product fantastic but the company behind it, Eco Lips, really is amazing…coincidence? I doubt it. All natural, organic pesticide free products that you love and a company dedicated to giving back! They have a line of Cause Balms…a portion of what you pay goes to the charity associated with that specific balm. What an awesome idea! And they support a wide range of charities the world over. A product you can feel good about all the way around! They even use solar energy at their processing plant in Iowa! They really know what it means to GO GREEN.

This PHENOMENAL product has made an awesome journey from founder Andrea’s kitchen table to lips all around the world now with even the option to purchase in bulk with your own label! There’s a category of balms to fit everyone on your list including the kids and with all natural ingredients its perfectly fine if they eat it (like Lil Duck does! She loved hers too btw!). For those of you who like a little color there is even a tinted line.

Eco Lips is offering one reader an Eco Lips Gold Balm on an Eco Clip! You’ll love it! Mine goes EVERYWHERE with me and with that nifty little clip I never have to dig or search for it!



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