Eco Lips Review and Giveaway!

Authored By Eco Lips
Barefoot Angie Bee Reviews our Products and Offers Free Eco Lips!

"I contacted EcoLips in my search for a lip balm that I could use all the time and not worry about what exactly I was putting on my lips. I wear lip balm at night before bed, and especially when I run, and this time of year especially when the air is so dry.
I was initially intrigued by the Dagoba chocolate flavored balm . So as you might already know I can't just eat any chocolate bar anymore due to a casein intolerance. I do remember how lovely Dagoba chocolate is though. These days I make my own chocolate but oh how I miss just grabbing a bar at the store and digging in!

Jen from Eco Lips sent me a generous amount of balms to try out and review here. It doesn't take long to fall in love with a company like Eco Lips. Even before I opened and tested out all of the flavors that Jen sent, I had been reading their website and was happy to learn that Eco Lips is hand crafted in Cedar Rapids Iowa! How fun that they are my neighbors (I am in Des Moines). They are organic and believe in their product and it shows as soon as you see the packaging and put some on your lips.

I have mentioned a few of the reasons to love Eco Lips as a company but first let me show you some of the reasons to love the product itself.

Ecolips has Co-Branded lip care in both Dagoba chocolate and Honest Kids organic lip balm.

Jen at Ecolips sent me each of the Dagoba flavors and each of the Honest Kids flavors as well. The chocolate mint reminds me of chocolate mint ice cream and is truly a treat! My favorite flavor in the Honest Kids is the Goodness Grapeness although honestly its a tough choice to pick a favorite when they are all so tasty. I have to say that I am not a fan of the RoseBerry Dagoba balm but fell in love with the Lavender Chocolate balm.
The boys really loved all of the Honest Kids flavors and were excited to try them all in a row! So far Tropical Tango Punch is the current fave.

Jen also sent Ecolips Gold on a carabiner balm holder.
How cool is that! It keeps your balm available for anytime or anywhere you need some balm. I was skeptical that my balm would not stay put on the holder but it did and is still attached to my messenger bag that I use everyday.

What balms to choose to put on your Eco Clip Carabiner.... There are tinted balms that use minerals to give a pretty shimmering glow. Or how about flavored SPF formulas. Pure and Simple lip care that is 100% edible so if your 3 year old is anything like mine it won't be a huge deal if he eats it!

Ecolips is one of those companies that make it so easy to want to support them. Check out their Cause Balms.
The Cause Balm Program was designed to help non-profit organizations
gain awareness and funding for a brighter future!
For every lip balm sold through the Cause Balm Program,
the corresponding organization will receive a $1 donation from Eco Lips.
Help us Change the World, one set of lips at a time..."

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