Eco Lips Medicinal Lip Balm Making its Way Around the World

Eco Lips Medicinal Lip Balm Making its Way Around the World

Authored By Antony Brooks

We are always pleased to hear stories from others who find relief in our lip balms and find unique ways to share some lip balm love with others. Below is a great story of exactly that. Enjoy!

Approaching the Thai/Myanmar (Burma) border I definitely felt a sense of...”Kory you could get snatched right out of this transport vehicle by their police for no good reason, and they could lock you right up, for no good reason.” I tell myself just breath and put your camera on the floor. Play it, “cool-breeze.” As our transport vehicle entered the gates there were locals scattered in every direction doing their best to stay cool in the baked air and make it through the crossing themselves. We are asked to get out of the vehicle to be processed and screened as foreigners. The driver and a security personnel lead us to a small office where an official further screened our passports.

Let me tell you this...I didn’t say a word for the 20 minutes while in the office. My nerves were slightly jumbled so when they did ask me a question I’d semi-stutter. At that point we could say I wasn’t desensitized to being perpetually surrounded by semi automatic weapons, yet.

Finally, we are allowed to walk to the vehicle parked nearby while our driver waits behind talking to a few of the security personnel. Opposing the anti photo signs I grab my camera, in a ninja like manner, and look for something to capture.

I came across this young Burmese boy who had an open wound on his right calf the size of a silver dollar. He and I made eye contact and we both were entranced unable to let go. Seated in the back passenger seat of the vehicle, I reached into my back-pack for some triple antibiotic ointment and a couple of “skater” band-aids I had in my mobile first aid kit. I jettison the vehicle and as I make my way to him I gesture that I was going to apply some ointment to his leg and apply the band-aid. He yields and allows me to address the ulcer.

Upon finishing I walk back to the vehicle and tears began to stream down my sun scorched cheeks while my imagination chokes me with images of him getting his leg amputated due to infection.

Reaching back into my backpack I find a tube of Eco Lips Medicated balm. Quickly, I walk back over to him and mimic applying the balm to his wound in an attempt to instruct him how to administer to himself. A few of his friends gathered around in amazement of the cylinder tube itself.

Our driver throws me a signal to get in the vehicle, “ now” and we quickly pull away entering into the once heavily sanctioned Myanmar. For days I prayed the boys leg would heal in God’s speed.

written by Kory Bassett


Happy Burma boy with Eco Lips Medicinal lip balm.
Happy Burma boy with Eco Lips Medicinal lip balm.
Kory Bassett - Author / Explorer
Kory Bassett - Author / Explorer


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