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Review:Eco Lips
Written by Stephanie Brown
Thursday, 25 August 2011
For all of your lips necessities, I'd say there is no better brand than Eco Lips! They have everything from your herbal favorites like Lavender and Hemp, fruity such as kiwi, berry, and grape, tinted for some color, or your nurturing medicated lip balms. Guys don't be shy, they also have unflavored!!!

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If you're like me there are 2 things I cannot leave my house without…my cellphone and lip balm! I had the pleasure of enjoying 4 different yet equally satisfying organic lip balms from our friends at Eco Lips.

1.) Eco Lips Energy- My midday pick me up! Your lips are one of the most absorbent parts of your body so it makes sense to have a balm with ingredients for a little awakening! Not only are you getting the soothing and healing benefits of Eco Lips Lip Balm but it is paired with caffeine, green tea and vitamin B12 for any energizer you may need throughout your day.

2.) Eco Lips Gold- GREAT FOR MEN or if you need extreme moisture! Winter days, I'm ready for you! The ultimate lip moisturizer.It’s the gold standard, all right. Unflavored for the purist in you, made with the finest certified organic jojoba oil. USDA Certified Organic. Naturally high in vitamin E.

3.) Eco Lips SPF 15 Berry- Mmm my fruity favorite of lip balms. A light berry flavor mixed with aloe to give you a sweet and protective pick-me-up.

4.) Eco Tints Rose Quartz- My choice for a night out. This sheer rose mineral-tinted lip balm will add a touch of pink to your smile. Perfect for those times you want a subtle color along with protection and moisture.

Each of these, with their wonderful characteristics have a smooth feel. Does not feel greasy or clumpy. Since I've started on my Eco Lips routine I can definitely say my lips are more moisturized and extremely soft. I keep one next to my bed so I can moisturize all night. One is also clipped on my purse for easy access with an Eco Clip- recycled aluminum Eco Clip carabiner. The answer to the question, “Where’s my lip balm?” Also an ideal way to remind you to be proactive about your lip care.

I have tried so many brands of lip balm and gloss. None of them compare to Eco Lips. Move aside Chapstick...the organic champion of lip care is making it's mark! Eco Lips is here to stay and I cannot wait to try all of their various unique flavors!

I have to say that as I was writing this review I had to go grab a balm to fulfill my craving. Much better!

Try out my favorites or discover yours on our Eco Lips Page.

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