Back to School - Be Smart. Be Green. Be Routine.

Back to School - Be Smart. Be Green. Be Routine.

Authored By Eco Lips
Back to school time is near which brings a new season of change. No need to panic! We’ve got some simple solutions to help you and your family ease into your new routine.

1. Meal plan Sundays. There are lots of ways to save time and money by creating a simple meal plan and prepping food all in one shot. Clean and cut fruits and veggies and store in glass containers in the fridge. This ensures easy access as well as an enticing visual. Consider crock pot meals for dinner that can be extended to a second meal the next day like fajitas or sandwiches.

2. Replace paper and plastic lunches with re-usable stainless steel instead! Let you child customize them by adding their name, stickers, etc. If your child has food allergies, remind the new teacher ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. Food ideas for kid lunches: veggie sticks with dip, cheese cubes, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, granola, sandwich wraps etc.

3. Eating on the go! You, the kid taxi driver and cheerleader are constantly being tempted by drive-through solutions and concession stand choices. How can you resist the temptations? Grab-n-go items in your house make it easier to make healthy choices. If you’re restricted to not brining your own food to events, eat ahead of time or find a way to influence what food is being offered at the events. You aren’t the only one who doesn’t want to eat hot dogs and chips. Make your voices be heard!

4. Rosemary to remember. Study time can be enhanced by the lovely smell of rosemary. This essential oil is great for focused energy and information retention. Diffuse this oil in the space where the kids are getting their homework done.

5. Bath and bedtime routine. Nothing can be more calming for a child like a nice warm bath at night. Considering diffusing a relaxing scent like lavender while they play in the tub. This will also calm you down too and help everybody sleep more soundly. A well-rested child will have a much better day at school.

6. Minimize screen time at night. Try shutting everything down one hour before bedtime. This will give your eyes much needed rest and you can use the time to relax and have real focused conversations with each other. Kids love undivided attention from their parents. Keep it positive so they end their day feeling confident and secure in who they are despite any of the changes they are going through with the new school year.


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