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Eco Lips {review/giveway}
June 2011

As an avid chapped lip product using family we were very excited to review Eco Lips products plus since they are created in Cedar Rapids, IA which is near where Mami is from I of course wanted to get my hands on them even more! You know I love my earth and love to use organic products. Eco Lips was started right in the creators kitchen. She got her big break when a man got ahold of her product and fell in love with it. Oh and her, they got married and put all their money into the company and clearly it has paid off. Eco Lips is certified USDA organic which is great, it means they are the real deal. I love that Eco Lips isn’t just lip balm, the company has a goal to have respect for the earth and better the people in the world through their programs such as; Solar Power Initiative, Endurathon and the Cause Balm Program. I love companies that are vested in things outside of making money. I understand all businesses are created to make money but it’s nice when it’s given back a bit!

All three of us had something to review, I had forgotten I mentioned Nathaniel’s love of balm and we were surprised with the Honest Kids in Tropical Tango Punch. I really liked that they thought of him too. We also got the Berry, Hemp, Eco Gold with clip (super handy to make your balm easy to find in a diaper bag or purse) and Mint to review. I only got a picture of three of them because by the time I took it Nate had eaten and/or lost the Hemp and the Berry lives in Chris’ pocket. The first thing I noticed on the site is that the packaging is made from 40% recycled products and they displays in stores are made from recycled materials as well. The second thing I noticed after putting the balm on is…it is AMAZING!! Eco Lips is soft, supple and goes on so smoothly. The flavors smell great and last forever! Not even kidding. I like to test lip products that claim they are long lasting by wearing them in the shower. That might sounds a little weird but it really lets me know what lasts. Eco Lips made it through the shower. In fact I fell asleep wearing some and when I woke up from my nap…still there! If you are one of those chapped lip product addicts you need Eco Lips, go get some now! I recommend these to anyone and everyone!

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