A Mom Just Winging It:  Lickin the lip balms

A Mom Just Winging It: Lickin the lip balms

Authored By Eco Lips
Friday, August 26, 2011
Lickin The Lip Balms Yes, I will admit it, I am a lip balm licker. Admit it, when you have on a sweet tasting lip balm, you lick your lips WAY more then necessary.

Thanks me times 10. I have never resorted to actually licking the product, but I'm still young, there is plenty of time for that.

I am a constant apply-lick-apply-lick kind of person.

My obsession started when I was a kid. When I was maybe 7 or 8, I had a root beer flavored cowboy lip balm.

It was huge! The stick part of the balm was about as round as a quarter, if not larger, and it looked like the body of a cowboy. The cap, was his head with a cowboy hat attached. How cool is that!?

Side note- in my head I am hearing Caboy instead of cowboy because that's how my dad said it.

I was in love with lil Chappy. He was a doll and a sweet lip treat all rolled into one. He also smelled AMAZING!

So amazing in fact I thought he would make a wonderful scent to my bedroom. My brilliant idea was to smear Chappy on my wall in a little area so I could smell him whenever I was in the room. Really, who wouldn't want their room to smell like root beer.

Well I didn't realize my sweet Chappy was a greasy kind of fella. My mom did though. She obviously did not share my same passion towards Chappy. He was taken away and was never to be seen again. My sweet spot was there as a reminder though of our shot time together.

And no, I did not turn into a wall licker. That's just weird.

Fast forward to the present and I have a sweet son who shares my same passion with lip treats. I don't think we have even been in a store where lip balms were spotted and he not ask for them. We have even bought some from his hair salon. He can sniff them out a mile away. If I put some on and not offer, he will sniff his way over and ask what flavor and where I got it from.

Imagine our delight to be selected to receive and review lip balms from . Not only are they sending me a lick-able flavor, but they have kid lip balms too in lick-able flavors and Jake is getting his very own to use and review! When I told him this, his face went all dreamy. I made a mental note to take a picture of him when we get the lip balms in the mail to share with everyone.

Not only do I love the flavored lip balms, but the tinted ones too. I am a zero make up kind of girl, so I love when my balm has tint to it. Not only does it make my lips feel fresh and smooth, but it gives my mug a little kick.

I can't wait to share with you my exact picks of the lip balms we are trying and the reviews soon! They are in the mail. The best part-

They said they want to do a giveaway with my readers! YEA for you!!!
Check them out , , .They are eco friendly, have organic products and packages and have a TON of lip balms to select from.

(lip balm licking is not a food group nor is recommended as a food substitute. licker's proceed at your own risk)

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