A Mom's Take:  Eco Lips Review & Giveaway

A Mom's Take: Eco Lips Review & Giveaway

Authored By Eco Lips
Eco Lips Review & GiveawayPosted on August 31, 2011 by Ashleigh

Eco Lips is just what is says, the “best lip balm for the world”. It is also the best lip balm IN the world! Handcrafted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Eco Lips has been first to market with several innovative organic lip care products and packages. With several different types of Eco Lips lip balm there is something for men and women of all ages. The Classic SPF is perfect for the outdoor environments. It keeps the “sun out and the moisture in”. Their Premium line has two varieties that are USDA Certified Organic and also a Bee Free Vegan lip balm. Made from organic plant oils, beeswax, and aloe vera the Eco Tints are amazing. They add a touch of color and come in six different shades. The Pure and Simple lip care comes in Kiwi-Strawberry, Coconut, and Grape and is 100% edible! Perfect for adults and kids. Eco Lips has a huge selection of products ensuring that anyone who is tired of having dry, chapped lips will find something they love!

Living in Arizona in 115 degree dry-heat your lips don’t last very long without getting cracked and dry. I have now found a solution! Eco Lips are perfect for this environment! Especially the SPF 30 lip-balm. My lips have never felt softer. With regular Chapstick, I hated how the more you used it the more you needed it. With Eco Lips that is not the case. It lasts a really long time and your lips don’t immediately get dry the second you stop using it. I keep the Eco Lips Gold by my bed and put it on before I go to sleep. It lasts the whole night and I wake up with super smooth lips! I keep the Eco Tints in my purse for a quick pick-me-up when I don’t feel like wearing lipstick. It has the perfect amount of color and shine and feels great. It is also nice knowing that not only am I doing something good for my lips, I am also doing something good for the environment! What other lip balm can say that? Eco Lips are great for anyone who want smooth, soft, luscious lips :)

Eco Lips can be purchased on their website or at your local drugstore and retail for $2.49 each.



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