4 Mom-Approved Gifts for Mother's Day

4 Mom-Approved Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is next week. Show mama how much you love her with a gift from the heart, for the lips.

1. Balm Bundles

Not sure what mom's favorite balm may be? Try a curated balm bundle or variety pack of balms, so she can experience a 'lil bit of everything - from fruity to sun protection.

2. ECOLIXIR Facial Oils 

These vegan facial oils hemp repair skin from environmental stressors. They're rich in essential fatty acids to hydrate, nourish and aid in improving skin's elasticity.

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3. Lip Food Lip Balm

Nutrient dense Lip Food nourishes and hydrates to soothe the lips. Globally sourced & minimally processed plant-based ingredients provide the ultimate lip moisturizing experience. A win for mom & the planet.

4. Lip Scrubs

Delectable sugar scrubs help polish and gently exfoliate dry, dead lip skin to reveal soft, supple and healthy looking lips. They are truly multi-tasking as they leave lips moisturized and nourished.