12 Outdoor Adventure Essentials You Won't Want To Be Without

12 Outdoor Adventure Essentials You Won't Want To Be Without

Summer means camping, barbecues, hiking, swimming, kayaking and outdoor adventures. We've gathered up some of our favorite natural-minded outdoor must-haves & brands for your summertime festivities. 

1.Eco Lips Lip Balm & Carabiner - Lip balm is a must for outdoor activities. Grab a few of your favorites (hello, SPF and Hemp!) and a carabiner for safe-keeping and convenience. Keep a few in your pack, purse or even in your back pocket for all your adventures.

2. Alpine Start FoodsStanley - Alpine fits in your pocket and is quicker than a Keurig to make. Try an instant coffee to start your morning complete with dairy-free instant creamer. Stanley, a well-known quality food & beverage gear company, keeps your goods hot (or cold!) with stainless steel technology. 

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3. Plant Snacks & Perfect Snacks- Need a grab 'n go snack that's high protein and nutritious? Plant Snacks are 100% vegan and made of cassava roots and free of 8 big allergens. Great for picnics! Perfect Bar is the ultimate hiking or kayaking nosh, with 20 organic super foods in every bar!

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4. Flying Embers Hard Kombucha Navy HillIn search of a natural low-carb alcohol beverage to bring to the festivities? Flying Embers is probiotic-infused fermented tea in 4 yummy flavors. Navy Hill features soda and tonic with added electrolytes for hydration.

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5. Chico Bag & To-Go Ware - Be sustainable! Whether you're hiking or hitting up a pool party, bring your own reusable bags, utensils and tiffins! Also great for farmer's market browsing!

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6. Murphy's Naturals and All Good Products - An all natural insect repellent and sunscreen are must haves! Murphy's Naturals insect repellent products (spray, candles and incense) are made with responsibly sourced plant-based ingredients. All Good features reef-safe sunscreen for the entire family - in spray, butter or lotion form!

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