5 Easy Non-Toxic Product Swaps

March 01, 2021 3 min read

Going green can be expensive and overwhelming. Where do you even start? There is so much information out there with what is bad, good, accessible and worth the trouble of swapping. We've made it easy by coming up with ways to swap your chemical-laden products for non-toxic, cleaner versions.

Try these 5 simple swaps to move towards a cleaner lifestyle - for you and the planet!

| Natural Deodorant |

Conventional antiperspirants can host harmful ingredients like aluminum and other petrochemicals, which go straight to your blood stream and disrupt hormones and organ function. Also! Humans are meant to sweat out our toxins. Antiperspirants prevent us from doing so, blocking pores and disallowing us from detoxing. A natural deodorant that doesn't include aluminum in its ingredients help block the odor, not the sweat - but many people find they sweat less by converting to natural!

 We recommend Alaffia


| Organic Lip Balm |

There are many lip balms on the market, but only a handful are organic and made without petroleum and artificial flavors and preservatives. Many people use lip balms and jellies with petroleum and not realize that is actually does not actively nourish the skin, but seals the lips so moisturize doesn't escape - thus drying out your lips! That's why you have to keep applying! Reach for an organic lip balm made with moisturizing ingredients like beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter to effectively restore and nourish lips.

We recommend Eco Lips


| Non-Toxic Cleaners |

Conventional cleaners can have harsh chemicals like ammonia and other questionable ingredients that are not safe to inhale, and are also not made of renewable resources, which ultimately pollute and harm the planet. There are many plant-based cleaners out there that do the trick naturally without using dangerous chemicals for the "ultimate clean". Green cleaning makes your home safer and protects your health and the environment. Many cleaners can actually made at home with essential oils, vinegar, castile soap and borax - which actually end up saving you money!

We recommend Attitude Living


| Sunscreen |

Chemical-based sunscreens are like sponges, absorbing UV light, while mineral sunscreens act more like a shield, deflecting the sun's rays. While it may be more convenient to use a chemical sunscreen (because they don't go on white, aren't sticky or thick, etc.), we encourage you to reach for a mineral sunscreen with an active ingredient like zinc or titanium oxide. It'll be white and goopy, but offer protection immediately, unlike many of the chemical sunscreens (which require 30 minutes to become effective). Chemical sunscreens can also pollute the environment and damage our reefs.

We recommend cocokind


| Wool Dryer Balls |

Dryer sheets may make your laundry smell dreamy and feel soft, but they're one of the most toxic things in your house! They're coated with fragrance which leave residue on your clothes, vent into the air and rub off on your skin - causing allergic reactions and disrupt hormones. Try 100% wool dryer balls with a drop or two of your favorite essential oil. It leaves your laundry equally dry (even dries clothes faster!) and smelling fresh and clean without chemicals.



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